Symantec Hiring Software Engineer

Symantec Hiring Software Engineer

Job ID: 40563

Location: Chennai

Experience: Freshers

Skills: PythonC C++


  • Contribute to the needs of the team, be it designing new modules, fixing the build, debugging a problem or researching a new feature.
  • Produce high-quality documentation when needed for both technical and non-technical consumers.
  • A Continuous Integration mindset. Every check-in should trigger a build and pass unit tests.
  • Attend team meetings and participate in the discussions.


  • Very strong programming skills in C# (70%), C++ (25%) and other languages like Python/Java (5%).
  • Design and deliver fix tools quickly to the support agents to resolve critical issues faced by the customers to reduce AHT.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of RDBMS like SQLite.
  • Must be a self-starter, capable of making the right decisions without needing approval.

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