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Atos Hiring Technical Engineer (Google Software Developer)

Role: Technical Engineer (Google Software Developer)

Required Skills: Google Cloud Platform, Ubuntu, KVM, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Openshift, Bullion Servers, Software Defined Network and Storage, StackDriver

Responsibility Description:

Works under broad direction. Work is often self-initiated. Is fully accountable for meeting allocated technical and/or project/supervisory objectives. Establishes milestones and has a significant role in the delegation of responsibilities.

  • `Influence
  • Complexity
  • Business skills

Skill Description

  • Technical Specialism
  • Emerging technology monitoring
  • System Design

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Top 5 Active Job Openings at Infosys – Apply Now

Top 5 Active Job Openings at Infosys – Apply Now

Getting a job is Infosys is always a dream for the IT employees..!

Here are the Top 5 Active Job Opening you can make use of it to get your dream job as easy as possible, If you have already completed Software certification training then you can easily cut the queue.

1. Technical Lead

You will act as a mentor for an entire tech team and be in close contact with the project manager or architect of the company. You should have an in-depth technical knowledge and be able to efficiently manage the design, quality, and implementation of the product.

2. Senior Systems Engineer

Executing the daily projects and working through various challenges will be your main responsibilities. The job role will require to contribute both as an individual and as a team member.

3. Project Manager

The candidate will be responsible to create a project team and guide them. You will have to review the progress of each team member, ensure successful implementation and delivery. You will basically be responsible for the performance of the entire team.

4. Technology Analyst

The candidate will study the technical patterns and use these logistics to decide the design and implementation of projects. Tech analyst needs to perform code reviews and support activities related to the structure.

5. Technology Architect

As the job role suggests, the candidate needs to design the structure of technology to meet the customer’s demands. Tech architect needs to adopt smart strategies and act as a medium of communication between the team and the client.

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Top 10 Trending Technologies Training which helps you to get a job easily:

  1. Selenium Automation Testing Training
  2. Angular 6 Training 
  3. ASP.NET Training
  4. Python Training
  5. Machine Learning Training 
  6. Data Science Training 
  7. Big Data Hadoop Training 
  8. Amazon Web Services Training 
  9. Robotic Process Automation Training 
  10. MEAN STACK Training 

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Top 5 Programming Languages for Game Development..!

Top 5 Programming Languages for Game Development..!

If you are a gamer or game lover from childhood then surely at least once you might have dreamed of creating your own game..! If Yes..!

Then here is the answer for you,

Building a game is entirely different than coding a software project. A good developer needs to go through a steep learning curve to become a good game programmer.

Every beginner faces the same problem of choosing between programming languages while getting started. In that case, you can make use selecting the correct programming language from the top trending software technologies 2018

Getting started with programming a game can be a little daunting. There are literally thousands of languages for game development out there. While there are thousands of languages, only a very small subset of languages are used frequently.

The best programming languages for games are Python, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, C++.

1. Python

Python is currently the powerful and popular programming which is been used with many trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Web Services, Software testing and more. Python programming language is used creating many popular games also it is easy to learn.

2. Java

The language is best suited for building cross-platform games. Even Android’s official language for game development is Java. You can easily get started with game development with Java using the Android Studio and use OpenGL for graphics. The popular framework option for 2D games is LibGDX and JMonkeyEngine for 3D games.


3. HTML5

The increasing adoption of web applications and web-based games has created the demand for HTML5. The language is a widely used version of HTML and includes most of the core features. The languages can be used in places of JavaScript in some cases. You can explore the Phaser framework to get started with HTML5 for a game program.

4. JavaScript

It is a most versatile programming language out there. You can build almost any web-focused program using JS. The language is used to program actions on the page, such as making things move across the page. The language can be integrated with HTML5 to produce beautiful web and browser games.

5. C++

The primary reason why developers prefer this programming language is its fast execution. There are a number of learning resources for getting started with game programming using C++. Developers can even code mobile games on Android platform with the knowledge of C++.



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TransUnion Hiring .NET Developers – Apply Now

TransUnion Hiring .NET Developers – Apply Now

The Decisioning Developer in Application Development is a crucial role within our Designing organization.  Our Decisioning Development leaders have deep development experience and a passion for building awesome applications with a focus on high quality and leveraging modern application development practices.

Work Locations: Chennai – GTC 

Organization GT – Application Development
Schedule – Full-time
Job Type – Standard

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Brilasoft Hiring Selenium Automation Tester – (103706)

Brilasoft Hiring Selenium Automation Tester – (103706)

Role: Automation Tester

Skills: Selenium

Experience: 3-6 years

Location: Chennai/Noida


  • 3-6 years of experiencein QA automation and excellent exposure of Selenium Webdriver, TestNG/JUnit and build tools like ANT / Maven / Grade
    Very good understanding and hands on automation experience on automation frameworks, object repository, scripting, etc.
  • Should design and implement robust, scalable, and high quality test automation suites
  • Excellent design & development skills in Java programming. Excellent Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithms and design patterns
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience & understanding of API automation, integration and unit testing in all layers would be a plus. Experience of TDD & BDD methodology is a plus
  • Experience of configuration management tools (GIT / SVN / TFS), configuration concepts and continues integration tools (Jenkins / TeamCity / Bamboo)
  • Understanding of Agile development concepts and Strong organizational and team building skills
  • Experience in communicating with business teams, development teams, testing team and management  (offshore / onshore) to collect requirements, describe software product features, and technical designs and then design & implement test and validation strategies throughout the development life cycle
  • Test Planning, test preparation, Test execution, and Test status & summary reporting
  • Very good communication skills
  • Able to mentor other engineers in technical aspect
  • BitBucket for source code management
  • Experience with automation in Agile methodology is a big plus
  • Experience working in CICD tools Jenkins  welcome

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IT Firms Hiring Big in India

IT Firms Hiring Big in India

BENGALURU: The Indian IT services sector may be passing through some rough weather with challenges of automation and lower growth rates, forcing many to lay off employees and reduce the rate of hiring. But many technology MNCs in the country are continuing to hire in large numbers. Companies such as Accenture, Capgemini, Oracle, IBM, and Goldman Sachs are hiring in hundreds, some in thousands.

Accenture has 5,396 job openings in India, more than four times the openings in the US and more than 12 times that in Poland and Philippines, its other major hiring locations. French IT major Capgemini has 2,649 job openings for India, 55% of its worldwide hiring, according to the company’s website.

Oracle has 1,124 open positions for India. TOI reported last week that e-commerce giant Amazon was in process of hiring thousands in India. Their website currently lists 1,208 open positions.

Other major hirers include IBM (675 open positions), Goldman Sachs (320), Dell (285), Microsoft (235), Cisco (229), and French bank Societe Generale (185). The openings are periodically refreshed, so the total hiring in a year could be significantly more.

Hence it is needed to learn the latest trending technologies such as Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Selenium automation testing, Angular 2, Android App Development.

The global inhouse centres (GICs) of MNCs in India are growing at 10% in terms of revenue and employ close to 770,000 people, according to IT industry body Nasscom. Consultancy firm Zinnov estimates there are 1,150 MNCs with GICs in India, and puts the employment figure at 815,000 for 2016. It is estimated that the GICs will add an additional 30,000 jobs this year on a net basis (excluding those who quit firms in the category to find jobs elsewhere). About 35% of the GICs are in Bengaluru, and 15% in NCR. “All these MNC GICs are doing their digitisation initiative in India, and most of their newly added capacities are also expected to be in India,” K S Viswanathan, VP, industry initiatives at Nasscom, said. 

The job openings are heartening, given especially that four of the biggest IT services companies – TCS, Cognizant, Infosys and Tech Mahindra – saw their workforces shrink at the end of the June quarter. The current job openings by themselves don’t tell us whether the MNCs are increasing their hiring or reducing them. Accenture, for instance, had 10,700 job openings around the same time three years ago, but Capgemini had a slightly lower number three years ago than what it is now.

As a fresher looking to enter into IT field then here are the fields which exactly suits you Manual Testing, Microsoft Dot Net, Java, and Web Development.

But more and more MNCs are establishing GICs in India, among the recent ones being Saks Fifth Avenue and TransUnion. And the ones that came in the past few years are now confident enough to expand rapidly, like Lowe’s and JCPenney. Lowe’s 490,000 sq ft office space lease deal in Bengaluru was the second largest in India in the first half of this year, after that of Microsoft’s 589,000 deal, according to property consultancy Colliers International.

“If a company wants to hire 1,000 people in a quarter for things like data analytics, India is the only place where you will find people available at that kind of scale, and it will remain so,” Sandeep Mathur, former Oracle India managing director, said. MNCs, he said, had long stopped coming to India for the cost. “They need people to address their growth challenges and even automation codes have to be written by humans.”

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