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Neva Ventures Hiring Machine Learning Engineer

Neva Ventures Hiring Machine Learning Engineer

Location – Bangalore

Experience – 1 to 3 years

SkillsMachine Learning

  • Looking for passionate individuals with strong machine learning background.
  • Hands-on expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Applied Mathematics and Computer Vision.
  • Develop and design algorithms and frameworks in terms of API to leverage the data.
  • Work closely with technical leads and Product Managers to meet deliverables and contribute to data-driven the development of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Good Knowledge on the database can be an added advantage.
  • Exposure to IoT, Human-Robot/Human-Computer interaction, big data interpretation/crunching to unleash the power of data, generate predictions which can help automated solutions for improved user experience

Skcript Technologies Hiring Software Engineer

Skcript Technologies Hiring Software Engineer

Location – Chennai

SkillsMachine Learning


  • Work closely with product team to build learning models for optimal path algorithms
  • Identify and optimize the variations in RSSI signals using machine learning
  • Improve and enhance machine learning development process everyday
  • Cluster users and enable optimal path for them to reach a destination


  • 1+ years of experience working with machine learning algorithms
  • Excellent engineering and coding skills to pick things up from day 1
  • Good understanding of families of models, feature engineering, mapping and other machine learning algorithms
  • Experience in MapReduce and Hive (optional)
  • Immense passion to learn new things everyday
  • Flexibility to move to different country if necessary

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Sysvine Technologies Hiring  Lead Software Engineer

Sysvine Technologies Hiring Lead Software Engineer

Job Location – Chennai

Experience – 5 to 8 years

Job Requirements

  • Versatile in any Database technologies and any database platform
  • Strong understanding of how data is stored, accessed and administered
  • Knowledge of NOSQL, Big-Data, Machine Learning is a plus
  • Leadership skills to lead
  • Good in Cloud or ready to learn cloud
  • Understanding of fundamental data design principles
  • Basic networking and infrastructure knowledge will be added advantage
  • Good Communication Skills

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Adecco Hiring Blue prism Developer  – Apply Now

Adecco Hiring Blue prism Developer – Apply Now

We have a great opportunity for our Fortune client (MNC) and looking forward for an immediate joiner.

Company profile:
Adecco India is a part of Adecco Group, head quarter at Zurich, operating in India for two decades. We operate in 60 countries, 7,00,000 Contingent workers, supporting 1L+ clients every day. Adecco India operation spread across 56 cities in India and one of the largest Professional staffing firm. For Information pls login to http://www.adecco.co.in/

We are looking for professional for our client whose profile matches the following:

Department: Professional Staffing_IT

Designation: Blue prism Developer
Location: Bangalore

Experience: 3 to 8 Years

Employment Type: Contract to Hire

Education: Btech CSE/IT,MCA or equivalent


  • Blue prism Developer
  • Experience in UI path

Scripting knowledge:

  • Javascript, python, shell
  • Knowledge of ExtJS, NodeJS, AngularJS will be an added advantage
  • Experience with Maven and Ant
  • Experience with ReST API automation is a must have.
  • DB knowledge with any SQL or noSQL database. NoSQL knowledge will be an added advantage (eg. Cassandra, etc)
  • Basic VMware/Virtualization knowledge is mandatory.

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FGBS Hiring Analytics Modeler – Apply Now

FGBS Hiring Analytics Modeler – Apply Now

Location : Chennai

Skills : Machine learning

Job Description

  • Apply machine learning, data mining and text mining techniques to create scalable solutions for business problems
  • Train, tune, validate, and monitor predictive models
  • Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of Ford’s historical business data, both in structured and unstructured formats
  • Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analyses
  • Package and present the findings and communicate with large cross-functional teams

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Machine Learning Engineer

Top 5 Active Job Openings at Infosys – Apply Now

Top 5 Active Job Openings at Infosys – Apply Now

Getting a job is Infosys is always a dream for the IT employees..!

Here are the Top 5 Active Job Opening you can make use of it to get your dream job as easy as possible, If you have already completed Software certification training then you can easily cut the queue.

1. Technical Lead

You will act as a mentor for an entire tech team and be in close contact with the project manager or architect of the company. You should have an in-depth technical knowledge and be able to efficiently manage the design, quality, and implementation of the product.

2. Senior Systems Engineer

Executing the daily projects and working through various challenges will be your main responsibilities. The job role will require to contribute both as an individual and as a team member.

3. Project Manager

The candidate will be responsible to create a project team and guide them. You will have to review the progress of each team member, ensure successful implementation and delivery. You will basically be responsible for the performance of the entire team.

4. Technology Analyst

The candidate will study the technical patterns and use these logistics to decide the design and implementation of projects. Tech analyst needs to perform code reviews and support activities related to the structure.

5. Technology Architect

As the job role suggests, the candidate needs to design the structure of technology to meet the customer’s demands. Tech architect needs to adopt smart strategies and act as a medium of communication between the team and the client.

Here is their Official Update 

Top 10 Trending Technologies Training which helps you to get a job easily:

  1. Selenium Automation Testing Training
  2. Angular 6 Training 
  3. ASP.NET Training
  4. Python Training
  5. Machine Learning Training 
  6. Data Science Training 
  7. Big Data Hadoop Training 
  8. Amazon Web Services Training 
  9. Robotic Process Automation Training 
  10. MEAN STACK Training 

Get here the complete information about Trending Technologies 

Top 5 Programming Languages for Game Development..!

Top 5 Programming Languages for Game Development..!

If you are a gamer or game lover from childhood then surely at least once you might have dreamed of creating your own game..! If Yes..!

Then here is the answer for you,

Building a game is entirely different than coding a software project. A good developer needs to go through a steep learning curve to become a good game programmer.

Every beginner faces the same problem of choosing between programming languages while getting started. In that case, you can make use selecting the correct programming language from the top trending software technologies 2018

Getting started with programming a game can be a little daunting. There are literally thousands of languages for game development out there. While there are thousands of languages, only a very small subset of languages are used frequently.

The best programming languages for games are Python, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, C++.

1. Python

Python is currently the powerful and popular programming which is been used with many trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Web Services, Software testing and more. Python programming language is used creating many popular games also it is easy to learn.

2. Java

The language is best suited for building cross-platform games. Even Android’s official language for game development is Java. You can easily get started with game development with Java using the Android Studio and use OpenGL for graphics. The popular framework option for 2D games is LibGDX and JMonkeyEngine for 3D games.


3. HTML5

The increasing adoption of web applications and web-based games has created the demand for HTML5. The language is a widely used version of HTML and includes most of the core features. The languages can be used in places of JavaScript in some cases. You can explore the Phaser framework to get started with HTML5 for a game program.

4. JavaScript

It is a most versatile programming language out there. You can build almost any web-focused program using JS. The language is used to program actions on the page, such as making things move across the page. The language can be integrated with HTML5 to produce beautiful web and browser games.

5. C++

The primary reason why developers prefer this programming language is its fast execution. There are a number of learning resources for getting started with game programming using C++. Developers can even code mobile games on Android platform with the knowledge of C++.



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